and I suppose that is a secret
that her mind controls the world

when her soul needs it to rain
it will
and when her soul needs someone
they will show up
and when she needs to grow
she will learn

and now you know
how lucky are you


Disappointed once again

You are teaching me to do things for myself
That only I will treat myself as good as I do

And I suppose
I thank you for that
Even though I am
Disappointed once again


Perhaps I am biased

Reading my own poetry
Moves me

As I invite the words inside of me
The emotion
That was infused
From the syntax
And lexical field

Just overwhelms me with emotion

I am proud
That my writing
has moved one person


I do hope that I am a light
Some kind of beauty
Some reason for them to be around me

I do hope
That my place in the group
Is of enough status
That my absence is noticed

I do hope
That I am beautiful
From the inside out
That I am some


This I am proud of

For its persistence
And I am proud of it all.

Of this expansive collection
Of all the best and worst thoughts
That I can articulate

Placed in this neat little website
For your viewing pleasure


I feel lost

Like I’ve lost the vision that I was working towards
That I do not know where to go
Where to even start

Too many ideas
Too many decisions

It all makes me feel so powerless