I never want to stop writing
Because these sequences flow
So smoothly
I love them so much
For they are a part of me
And ensuring that this part of me
Fulfils its purpose

It is a magical form of meditation


I shiver with the energy
Coursing through me
So solid
And still
Like water
Like smooth golden silk
Coating my veins
Making them stronger

I am at the mercy of this wonderfully strange universe
And I have never felt more at home
Than right now
In the middle of this piece
Everything at peace
Around me
I am


This is a wonderful moment in time

Where my soft music
The flavour of the chai
The warmth of my blanket
The saltiness of the bacon

All come together
In harmony


Personal development is so exciting
Because there is no limit
You continue to grow

And as you grow

You continue to learn

About you
To improve yourself

Your skills

Your personality

Your perspective
Is a worthy investment


How blessed I am to have a special place where I can fall asleep so easily

How lucky I am to have a special person that I have met so early in my long life

How grateful I am to have fallen in love, to have experienced love for another and love for myself

How blessed

My life truly is

I just have to remember it


You know why I chose you

You were beautiful

You were so


And so calm

Like a body of water

You just

Flowed with everything

And it seemed

As though you were as deep as the ocean

And that you were as understanding as the river

And that you would be as comforting as the rain

And that you could create the beautiful crescendo of a waterfall


And you were

Something cleansing

Something sweet

Something soft

Something understanding

Something trustworthy


And when I looked deeper, I saw

That you craved adventure


Not only were you a river for understanding

But you were a river

Racing down the mountain

Exploring the cracks in the earth

And greeting the dandelions on your way


And those moments when I was held in your arms

Were as if I was standing under a waterfall

A cascade of emotions

Both mine and yours

Would drown me

And yet

I would always feel



Than before


You became the rain

Soothing my parched lips

Which I had not realised

Were dry until I met you

And while I was walking through the rain

And the droplets fell like tiny diamonds

Tiny shards of ice

Slicing my delicate skin open

And dissolving at the touch of my hot blood


This icy rain

Shredding me apart

In the most beautiful, the most

Poetic way possible

I realised there was

So much beauty in this world


And that was the first time

I experienced complete harmony

Between my mind

My body

My spirit

That I was at complete peace


And it stuck

Unlike all my other emotions

I was

In harmony

For a while

Instead of my emotions

Appearing and disappearing within seconds

This new emotion



And I liked it

And I wanted it to stay

So I could be peaceful and content

And in harmony

All of the time