You can never really
Understand these things
As I want you to

Some people tell me that is the beauty of creation.
That everyone sees it differently
Because they can only see it through their eyes.

Some people tell me that is what makes art immortal.
The ability for people to read different things into it
And to argue over who is ‘right’
When no one can ever truly be ‘right’

Only the artist is ‘right’
Because it is their creation

I think the question we need to ask ourselves
Instead of if what is ‘right’
Is if it means anything to us,
If it provokes any thoughts or emotions within us,
If it has some kind of beauty or significance,
To us

Instead of if it is

Nobody really cares about what is ‘right’
Unless you don’t share their opinion


As light is born from the sun
So is dark

One cannot exist, as we know it, without the other


I don’t know how to be alone anymore

Because I am growing up
In a world where information is limitless and immediate
Never before, have I had access to so much
All of them, begging for my attention and time and money

I am growing up
In a world where we
Spend our time
Occupying our mind
Numbing it
Into submission

In this busy world
Where everything happens
On demand
It takes skill and persistence
To remember
How to pause
How to be patient

As we allow this limitless trough of information and entertainment
To enter out consciousness
To come colonise us

How can we teach ourselves
The skill of pausing
The skill of breaking away from it all
Of “unplugging” or “switching off”
(which are inherently ironic: using technological terms to describe what we are trying to get away from)

We should learn to practice
The skill of self-discipline
In all our interatcions
But most importantly, in our interactions with ourselves:
To improve our own quality of life


Writing is a medium for self-reflection

For introspection
To block out the world around me
And to fall in love with the words
To fall into a dance with them

To watch them sway and waltz to the voice in my head
And to appear on the screen
Moments later

To be inspired by them and all that they mean
To craft them in such a way
That they seem to be


everyone should make art

Everyone should paint
And write
And draw
And sing
And dance
And design
And photograph
And compose

Because what is life
Without art?

Life becomes stagnant,
And we feel

Anytime you feel bored
I beg you:
To create something
And then to realise
That you made it
From nothing.
And that simple fact is a miracle
And renders any creation deserving of existence