I support exploring and creating oneself
I support humans creating their own happiness
I support warm, kind humans


what Did you love about your life?

I loved all the people
All the things they taught me
I loved the sunlight, the golden warmth
That I finally created within myself
I loved all the music I listened to
I loved my ears for hearing it
I loved experiencing other peoples art
Other peoples lives, persepctives
Other peoples heads

I loved the gift of life
Of consciousness
I loved the gift of language
Of writing

I loved it all


I see fire
Pyres of flames
Breaking through this world

A raw pillar of flames
Erupting from the depths
Of the volcano

Opening the gates
To higher consciousness

Burning away the old
Leaving ashes for growth


So many words inside of me
And I just wish I could print them straight from my heart
But they have to go through the immigration process of converting these, incoherent feelings into coherent words


and I suppose that is a secret
that her mind controls the world

when her soul needs it to rain
it will
and when her soul needs someone
they will show up
and when she needs to grow
she will learn

and now you know
how lucky are you