why couldn’t you be better

I know why.
I just
Don’t want to believe it right now.

Because I miss you
And watching you
In this train wreck of your own making
Forces me to let you go
To let you go

And now…
I’ve had enough of this
I’ve experienced so many things
Because of these decisions
And I am ready
To let you go

Good Bye


Galaxy Convention – Day 2

Be critical and selective with ideas

Be different
IP = asset

Network in different industries
Short courses

Venture capital funding

Check market first
Where when who

Pick a word for the year
Say yes to everything

Wonder Woman Pose
60s to capture attention
What you want
Use pictures for presentation


Galaxy Con – Day 1

A business is a model to keep your idea living.


Spark Feastival
uNi incubators
Startup clubs

It just has to be one thing that you are willing to work hard for

Do things before you feel ready for it.
Be comfortable wiht discomfort

Be clear on the problem you are solving
Be clear on how to customer can use it, and why
JUST START with the Minimum Viable Product
Test and get feedback, constantly!

Getting the word out/Marketing:
Communicates values, beliefs and purpose
Plant the mission statement
(Evoking Pride: rags to riches story, underdog


If nobody stops me
I may never stop writing
For it is so peaceful to place my thoughts in words
So peaceful to know
That you reading this
Can feel what I feel
If I am good enough at writing it.

Inspire me to get better
So that my audience (which may only be future me)
Can feel
What I feel
And can think
How I think


Good poetry
Enters you
Without an invitation
And scrambles everything you’ve worked so meticulously to shelve

Good poetry
Rapes the mind
Unravelling it
And then wrapping it tightly around the poets finger

So that you may feel the poets heartbeat, be connected to their emotions.
So that you may see through the poets eyes, understand their thoughts.

Until the poet
Has won you over
With unsolicited words