Unfulfilled Dreams

An interactive exhibition where individuals can input their own Unfulfilled Dreams.


A white room, lined with 6 strips of horizontal black velcro.

Buckets of different sized black cards with sharpies/markers

Write dream, velcro it to the wall

If dream already there, use sharpie and sign next to it



One day

I shall attend

I shall even host a masquerade ball

Unlike any other


Shimmering gold and Royal blue, washing the room in a soft glow, accented with cool stability of the ocean.

The grand staircase, where guests shall make their entrance, announced by the man in the open alcove.

The music will pour into the cracks, it will be thick, slow, romantic, with intervals of speed for those keen enough.

The buffet will be set on tables that stretch along the wall, the sweet treats being replaced by even more delicious cheats.

The bar will be full stocked with the handsomest of bartenders, who will be experts of the mixing trade.

The dancing will continue long into the night, as the gold and blue and pink and silver confetti rains.


App idea

Pass iPhone around circle

Everyone draws each other

Have to guess who drew who


The fun is… it’s anonymous!!

You draw or write your answer

And everybody can guess

And you may or may not have to reveal yourself!


Avatars (players)

Point system?


Write down a quote that one of your friends have said

Who is the most bogan?

Who is most likely to be a cat person?

Who makes lots of self deprecating jokes and you’re actually kinda worried about them?