the Magic of Consciousness

Rule 1: The universe is only the way you perceive it. Therefore, you have the ability to change it at any time.

Rule 2: The universe will respond to your thoughts. Therefore, you have the power to attract what you want.

Rule 3: It is not enough to be conscious. To truly be awake, you must be grateful for all things.



Being a Queen has nothing to do with royalty.

It has everything to do with ones sense of identity and purpose. Because in this world, so many people live in darkness. So many people live numb in the same routine, doing what is comfortable for their whole life. “How boring” I say.


A Queen does not do that.


A Queen constantly looks for ways to get to know herself, to improve herself.

A Queen is constantly curious; about people, their perceptions, about objects, their uses, about places, their significance, about emotions, their enrichment.

A Queen goes through life experiencing everything to the max. She is grateful for everything, even the bad experiences taught her something.

A Queen uses these teachings to improve herself, to work on the parts of her life that dissatisfy her. And she improves with grace.

A Queen is respected within her community because they envy her ability to be true to herself and her beliefs. Others are jealous because she has the strength to ask for what she wants, and she usually gets is because she has been generous to them in the past.

A Queen lights up a room with her confidence and self-assurance. And damn she knows she looks good in anything.

A Queen is humble, and a part of her charm is knowing when to brag.

A Queen is a living embodiment of fire. The light and warmth that radiate off both are astounding and comforting. The rage of a Queen is akin to that of a fire, in the way that it will sear anyone who tries to dim the flames. The sadness of a fire, when the flames are low and the embers only need a hint of rain to smoulder away into charcoal. The sadness of a Queen, like any fire, can be relit with the smallest of tinders.


A Queen is captivating, seducing you closer, only to overwhelm you with her power.

A Queen is a human who has set their soul alight and is not afraid of the flames.