I want to be
So desirable
So valuable
That my absence
Is felt like the suns


I want to be a daisy in a field

Content to be in my place and sway with the breeze

And those who notice this daisy
Experience a wave of attractive warmth
That radiates from this flower

And they come to the sudden realisation
That life is fragile
That life is a gift
And that most of the rules we make do not help us remember these two critical points of life


All this writing
I do not recognise most of it
But it is beautiful
In that
It speaks to me
It is written in such a way
That I can read it
And feel the emotion

And that’s incredible


Why does everyone seem to forget?

That love is not exclusively romantic

That love exists in hundreds of forms,
And it changes and reforms from experience
That love can exist is situations
With no sexual or romantic interest

That I can love my friends
Just for them being
Beautiful human beings
In my eyes

That I can love my hands
Just for them being
A crucial part of writing this


See happiness is found in the simple.

In the small fact that the grey clouds are gathering over head, when you love the rain. The simple fact that your skin is so smooth, that you can feel it when you blink. You can feel the air passing into your nose and down into your lungs.
It is the simple things that make life worthwhile.

These small pockets of harmony


And I could choose to focus on everything wrong

On the sun that isn’t warm enough
On the wind that is too cold
On the crow squawking annoyingly
On the hum of the distant cars

But what fun is that