Teach me that I do not have to be afraid.

That I will be okay.
That I can conquer anything I choose to.

Teach me how to not be afraid
Teach me to have faith in you
Teach me to trust you


And when she felt she had lost herself
She put on her white boots

And strutted around her room
Admiring herself in her mirror

She felt powerful again


I went to see the Year 2’s

And I was stunned.

For they were so

They were so full of energy, of curiousity, of life
That it was contagious.

And I thought to myself
I was once that small.
I was once that energetic.
I was once that.

And It’s astounding how we grow up
Even when we don’t want to
Or don’t realise that we do

It is so
To see where I have come from


This is a wonderful moment in time

Where my soft music
The flavour of the chai
The warmth of my blanket
The saltiness of tge bacon

All come together
In harmony


I tried

And I hate giving up
I hate to prove myself wrong
To disappoint myself

I just hate it

I hate that I’m not good at it.
And I hate that I’m not willing to invest time to get better at it.
And I hate to think of what my future self will think of me now.
Writing this, instead of just doing it.