If you are going to leave

If you are going to leave my life

At least please close the door

Because the winds of winter still blow

Strafing into my open home


Freezing my furniture, the bookcase and bed

Freezing my heart, my throat and my head


The snow sets a layer of ice

Surrounding the broken parts

So that nothing else can ever touch

Which is the saddest part


Until that one comes along

The one that leaves a trail of fire

That strikes excitement into your eyes and curiosity in your smile


The one with the fire hand

That will thaw the frozen bones

The one that will close the door

And stay on the inside of my home


More of these labels


Why do humans like to label things?

Why do humans like to categorise?


What about the things that don’t fit into any of the categories created?

Do they get their own?

Is that hypocritical?


Anyone can understand the good
Anyone can understand why people do good things


To understand why people do bad things
Now that takes more than most people are willing to sacrifice


I am choosing to show you my pain, i am choosing each word as best i can and it burns my insides that every word i type feels forced and unnatural and writing no longer is a coping mechanism but a machine of torture.

i suppose it is easer when the words are out. when you can read them back and feel like someone understands, even if its just your past self.


Why are you texting me? We have like nothing in common.

Every attempt I have tried has been rejected. The only connection is that we are both lonely but this relationship only works if you talk to me.

Or at least make me feel like what I am saying is important.

No scratch that, I’d rather not talk at all than blabber on because someone is not listening.


You see people normally ask the questions for three reasons:
1. They want to fill the air

2. They want information

3. They want you to ask the same question back