The up and downs of life
So quickly everything changes
And I refuse to blame it
Or label it

Because this is me
And I am exactly
Where I am supposed to be
In this experience


I value things that are beautiful
And everything is beautiful
Merely for its presence
In this existence
In this universe
In this time
With me


I shiver with the energy
Coursing through me
So solid
And still
Like water
Like smooth golden silk
Coating my veins
Making them stronger

I am at the mercy of this wonderfully strange universe
And I have never felt more at home
Than right now
In the middle of this piece
Everything at peace
Around me
I am


There’s this unfamiliar freedom
In doing something new
In trying something out for the first time
And comparing it
Against other new things

It’s quite invigorating


I write humans as angels

Because, I believe that is what we are, where we come from
And when we look and act and feel our best
It is when we are expressing the Angel inside of us

Angels are the embodiment of unconditional love and light. They roam wherever they please, sharing their gifts with the world.
I have met humans, who have done both those things, exactly. And they are my every inspiration.

Angels are fundamentally selfless, they wish to serve -to help. And, humans have found that the most fulfilling work one can do, is the act of giving. Generosity fills more holes than matter.

And I hope that you can meet one of these Angels
And have them pull out the Angel in you too
Because being an Angel -being selfless and self motivated and generous and full of love-
It is the most fulfilling experience
It is the meaning of life