trust yourself

Do not be afraid that you are unprepared
This is your journey

All you have to do
Is focus on you

You are the most incredible being
powerful in the way
That only you know what’s right for you

Trust yourself in this
You know yourself best
You are doing it

Trust yourself in this process


In this instance
It must be “the right choice”
For me to act on my feelings
To let them
Run wild
To let them
Encourage my flames

Why else would they linger so


a reminder of life

In this trying time
I waited
And finally
I saw the sun rise

In the form of my favourite band reappearing
And my favourite book series releasing the new cover
Both of them
In screaming gold
Eye-catching like the sun

I am reminded
Of the path that I’m on
That I’m doing my best
And that I can get out of this rut

I can see the sunrise again



I want to bring this to light
Because I am tired of seeing it:

Where the man meets the woman
And she infatuated with him and he plays hard to get
Meanwhile they are both broken inside
Using each other to try and fill their voids
Never showing honest open communication
Or the pain and rage thar comes with loving someone

It’s all roses
Beautiful from the outside
But significantly unhealthy and sickening
To really look at

Has there ever been an instance
Where this strange power play has not occurred
For these two to really love each other?
I’m sure there has
But where?
It is not visible to me

So we, the younger generation growing up, don’t even know that it is a possibility


Feel the sun on your skin
Notice it

Notice how blessed you are
To be alive
To be in your existence
To be conscious
And to be able to move
To breathe
To blink

Notice your existence
And breathe


Such thought provoking introspection
Leads to/makes space
For many new thoughts
New connections
That may never have been conceived
In the business of everyday life